Energy Healing through Hands, Art & Music

Intuitive Healing: $90 for 30 minutes; $150 for an hour; $200 for 90 minutes 
Intuitive Healing by phone(distance healing): $4.44/ minute.

Apophyllite Grid $25

Five apophyllite crystals: small rocks, big energy! Put them in four corners -- around a room, or around your house -- and raise the vibration instantly. The fifth rock is yours to carry in your pocket or place by your bed. $25. (S&H extra.)

Other Products

Superpower Archangel Spray $25

A spray that raises your vibration! Lovingly crafted out of herbs, crystal elixirs, essence of palo santo, and lots of positive archangel energy. Spray it around your aura to experience heaven and earth in a bottle.  Cleanses crystals too!  4 oz., external use only.  (Shipping and handling extra.)

Painting with Intuitive Reading and Live Harp Accompaniment 

Intuitive Angel Reading Only (no painting)$2.22 per minute

Phone/Skype/Facetime Readings available! Call 330-461-1973 to schedule.

Intuitive Massage with Energy Work

One hour $150 (plus $0.50/mile travel fee if at your location)
Nami was a massage therapist for 20 years, experienced in many modalities -- including Reiki, Healing Touch, Cyndi Dale's Energy Healing program -- plus his own techniques refined over the years with thousands of clients. He works with the angels to craft the perfect experience for you. He uses his own technique to help you release past trauma from your body, assisting you to let go of things that no longer serve you.   Prices may vary depending on location and services to be rendered.


  • One-Hour 16x20 inch Painting $250 (with harp)
  • 30-Minute 11x14 inch Painting $110 (with harp)
  • One-hour 16x20 painting without harp:  $200
  • 30-minute 11x14 Painting  without harp: $90

Prices may vary depending on location and setting of services being rendered. Larger Paintings are available - call to ask for pricing. Length of times for paintings are approximate. Travel fees not included.

(Prices are the same for Skype Sessions, plus Shipping & Handling)