Energy Healing through Hands, Art & Music


Linda said:

Many of us connect with the power of Nami's paintings. You can also experience amazing healing touch through bodywork. I know and simply want to share because my sessions are phenomenal. Schedule yours soon. <3

Rina said:

THANK YOU Nami for a fabulous healing session! Rejuvenated, realigned, and rejoicing! You ARE an angel and your vast knowledge and expertise stand out in the crowds of many!! Looking forward to many more sessions with you. My back hasn't felt this good in months.

Liz said:   
I can't even express how beautiful and meaningful my painting is. The message was true to my heart. I also had an unexpected energy healing while I was with Nami.  I noticed changes every day afterward. My eyes looked a lighter color, my hearing intensified and my sight became brighter. I can't wait to see what's next! Thank you Nami for your inspiration and sharing your incredible gifts.

Sherrie J said:   
This is the screamer from RADIO WGIV. I just want to say my  photo has been traveling from one room to another in the car & I even had a color Xerox made of it to draw on top of it the photo or scheme that I saw within the painting. Turn your paintings to the side, turn your paintings upside down, and watch how many different things come out of that one painting. It is absolutely amazing.

Dawn said:   
Nami, I've seen paintings you've done for other people. It was so inspiring and grew my curiosity to connect with you. The painting made the experience more personal. We spoke on the phone and you texted pictures that developed my spiritual painting in ways that were amazing. The painting continued to inspire my spiritual well being. You gave me great strength in the new changes and opportunities I made, going forward. It also gave me comfort with the angels sent to me through the painting, along with your words from your spiritual guidance. Thank you and God Bless you and the wonderful work you are doing.

Margaret said:   
I have known Nami since High School. We recently got re-connected and I was immediately “taken” by the paintings! The painting I purchased called to me at a time when I found out my pet Reggie has lung cancer. I keep it in the room where she sleeps the most. I Love to look at it, the painting gives me a feeling a peace and strength. I honestly believe the timing of re-connecting to Nami, seeing the paintings and Reggie getting sick, was meant to happen at once. Thank you Nami for the constant sense of contentment!!

Lauren said:   
I was able to have a Skype reading/painting. It was a wonderful experience and I absolutely love my painting. Thank you, Nami, for taking your time to give me this lovely gift!

Cathy and John said:   
Nami, our painting has given us so much joy since it has come into our home. There are moments that we both stop and reflect, during the day, and this painting has helped guide us to calmer and more peaceful place. It has surprisingly changed the energy in our lives, in such a positive way. Thank You so much for the spiritual glow it brings us. Love, Cathy and John

Kim said:   
Meeting Nami was one of the most spiritual moments in my life. I immediately fell in love with Nami’s commitment in serving others in their quest towards connecting with Spirit. Nami connects with your higher self and the spirit world in providing you insights that you might have felt but were uncomfortable admitting. Nami then starts mixing paints and begins painting a personal painting for you, your family, or for whatever reason you were led to hear spirit. Nami’s strokes are full of God’s energy, white light, insight, and wisdom. Nami is led by the spirit, so everyone’s experience is different, but everyone feels closer to God after leaving with one of the paintings, or many paintings. Nami’s paintings never stop speaking to you, or others since they are full of white light and God’s Blessings. God Bless and Much Love To All, Kim

Jessica and William said:   
Nami, We are highly enlightened by our painting. Thank you for being able to give us such an inspiring and admirable piece. The symbols and guides we see in our painting are reassuring of our wonderful message given from the light of spirit through you. We thank you with all our hearts. Love you, Jessica and William

Kim said:   
I received my painting, and it is absolutely beautiful. I feel the energy and peace come from the painting and it relaxes me. Thanks so much, Much Love & Many Blessings, Kim

What the Paintings Are All About...

Artist, Intuitive and Healer Nami opens to the inspiration of Spirit and creates a soul portrait of each person that comes for a reading: the painting is an individualized expression of your spiritual being, higher self, and angelic guides. Nami paints and gives you channeled messages for insight and healing during the process.  Nami then writes the messages on the back of the painting for your reference later.
Nami's intuitive sense of touch developed over many years working as a massage therapist creating physical healing for clients.  This led to the path of becoming an experienced intuitive reader, energy healer, and  painter of angels. A Near-Death Experience (NDE) caused Nami to be able to hear angels clearly, and pass along their messages to others.

Many clients return to have a second or third painting to reflect the changes in their lives, and marvel at the difference in their paintings and messages.  You can also be a surrogate for others, as Nami can tune in remotely to produce a lovely image to gift others.  This is a perfect baby, birthday, wedding, or anytime gift.

Nami has teamed up with Susan Burns who plays live harp music during your Angel Reading. This raises the vibration and calls in many angels who often appear in the painting, or share messages with you through Nami. It's a lovely unique experience with the harp music played intuitively -- no two sessions are the same.  
"I feel your spiritual being or higher self, and I connect with you. I receive messages about you, and become totally open in spirit, so I can receive and give you a personal reading while painting with your personal colors, which I see and feel from you.  Your unique painting will become more meaningful if you are completely open during our session, so pure Angel essences can work for you and for your higher good."  ~Nami